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Members met and flew at the A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport Saturday morning July 16, 2011 because of the extreme afternoon heat.  It was a good turnout with planes in the air most of the morning.  Two guest pilots, David and son Connor, joined us, along with the rest of the family, to fly a newly acquired electric foam trainer.  Below are photos of the days events including many taken by David's children.

The Bozleys and club members in the shade!
club members  Drew's Senior Kadet  Drew's Senior Kadet  Gettin it ready  club members
Drew again  You think it will fly?  club members  Club members  Tracy's biplane
Members  Drew Thomas  Kieth Henry's ugly  Tony Wier's T34  David Hinson's Senior Kadet
Carroll Schoenewolf's scratch built foamy.

The sequence of photos below captures the first takeoff of Dave and Connor's foam trainer.  Drew was at the controls but handed off to Dave.  We can all relate to the final outcome because we have all been there!  At least in the end Dave and Connor were able to laugh about it!

 First flight of the Bozley's foamy!  Bozley's foamy at altitude.  First flight  Hand off to Dave!
Pull UP!!!!  I think I lost it!!!  Down and out!  Dave and Conner assess the extent of damage.  May as well laugh about it!

Most of the following photos were taken by Dave's son and daughters.  Connor got some excellent mid-air shots that look great!  One of the girls got a really good shot of Drew's Senior Kadet with a full scale Cessna in the back ground.  Don't forget to click on each photo to get an enlargement!

Flyin continues.  Tracy and Bay trimming Bays model.  Hang on Tracy!  Keith Henry's ugly stick.  Keith's ugly stick.
Ugly stick.  The Bozley girls.  Bozley girl.  Bozley sisters.  Conner gets instruction from Drew.
Conner and Drew.  Conner getting the hang of it.  Looking good!  Conner flying high!  Dave, Conner and Drew.
Chris Lord's Bearcat  Engine trouble.  Just won't run right.  Tracy and his new biplane  Up and away.
Full scale in background  One of the Bozley girls.  David McGoldrick's Ugly Stick.  Dave's Ugly Stick.  Dave's ugly stick.
Dave Hinson's Senior Kadet.  Senior Kadet  Senior Kadet on takeoff.  Jedi Warriar!  Star wars emblem.
Dave's Ugley Stick landing.  Another Bozley.  Dave's Senior Kadet  Oh my!  Tony's T-28
Tony's pilot.  What's that overhead?  Senior Kadet in flight  Senior Kadet making deadstick landing!  At least I am on the ground!